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Number: 1 Location: US

1.Develop rational sales plans in accordance with the company's business policies and sales profit targets, and achieve sales targets.

2.Regularly visit key clients, gather feedback on company products, and stay informed about competitors' movements, allowing for continual adjustments to visiting schedules and frequency.

3.Analyze competitors, define the unique value of products/services, and devise suitable positioning strategies.

4.Establish strong customer relationships, provide solutions, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5.Regularly report sales data, market trends, and performance.

6.Adapt strategies promptly to respond to market changes and new opportunities.


1.Bachelor's degree in Molecular Biology or a related field, Master's degree preferred.

2.Sales experience, preferably with NGS industry sales experience.

3.Profound understanding of market dynamics, customer preferences, and industry trends in the USA and surrounding regions.

4.Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, capable of building strong customer relationships.

5.Strong strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.

6.Proficient in using sales analysis tools.

7.Based in the USA, willingness to travel within the USA and other regions as required by the company.

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Number: 1 Location: Singapore

1.Responsible for product inventory management, warehouse supervision, logistics coordination, ensuring timely delivery of customer orders.

2.Handle customer email correspondence, providing timely and professional responses.

3.Manage company administrative affairs, including office management, meetings arrangement and receptions, administrative tasks, procurement management, asset management, etc.


1.Bachelor's degree in secretarial, biological related majors

2.Fluent in both written and spoken Chinese and English.

3.Strong communication and coordination skills, capable of building good relationships with internal teams and clients.

4.Proficient in using common office software.

5.Based in Singapore with occasional business trips.

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